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TabSiPlus Plus For Source Insight

Item Description

Download TabSiPlus 0.99b2

Insert a file switch bar windows to source insight program, make it easier to switch from one open file to another open file, just like UE and other popular text process program.


Tabbar Add_in For Viaual C«« 6.0

Item Description

Download Tabbar Add_In 1.17(With source code)

The idea to Tabbar Add_in is inspired by WndTab project. WndTab project is a large and complicated sofeware project, it is a powerful tool for Microsoft(R) Visual Studio. Tabbar use some of WndTab code to build a Table window in Visual Studio IDE, it give more convenience to control the source code.

Tabbar also "steal" some ideas from Codeproject, the relevant copyright declaration is reserved in those files.

Tabbar Add_In is a open source freeware,some of it code come from,please notice the copyright announce in the source file.


aClock cartoon Clock

Item Description


Download aClock 1.21.3152(With source code)


aClock is not only a Clock!

aClock Digital Clock is a computer simulate clock software. It show a digital clock on your computer desktop,support adjusting system time and making signal sound on coming hour. It can help you arrange your days calendar, remind you with notify message, run certain program or shutdown computer at time you specified. You can choose not only background and digital style of your clock, but also display mode(Digital mode or Hand mode).aClock not use system register to store option information,instead of storing it to a option file aClock.ini,it is a green software.

aClock is a open source software. We just announce copyright in source code, the copyright of pictures used by the software is belong to the relevant group or individual.

aClock is base on WTL/ATL framework, you need install WTL 7 to compile the source code. You can visit for more information about WTL.

The source code contain a set of code and two different resource(Chinese and English). Open workspace file "aClockS.dsw" to compile Chinese version and open "aClock.dsw" to compile English version


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